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Our PR and Marketing strategy is solid. We invest in a relationship with each of our partners. to maximize the success of the event. and to deliver top-notch results for you. Sponsors who are listed on our website. particularly those at levels that allow us to hyperlink to their sites. can expect their own audiences to grow as a result of their involvement with our event. 

•    Daily posts to Facebook and Twitter pages

•    Regular posts to the blog

•    Twice-monthly press releases leading up to the event. with quotes from some of our sponsors          and partners

•    Distribution of press releases to a targeted media list of journalists throughout Chicagoland            who cover wine. food. beer. tourism. and travel

•    Distribution of press releases over PR Web newswire service

•    Ongoing media relations and blogger outreach

•    Radio interviews

•    Keyword-rich blogs to ramp up SEO results

•    Ongoing cross-promotion of our sponsors on social media

•    Email marketing

•    Partnerships with tourism promotion agencies.

•    Engage with local Latino Celebrities as bartends

Reap the benefits of all our media exposure by aligning your business/product with our event. 
We are now accepting Sponsors for the 2023 Chicago Latino Spirits Festival. Please contact us for Sponsorship Opportunities.


We have a basic overview of our Sponsorship Program available as a PDF. It outlines our demographics. marketing schedule and some basic sponsor packages. however, we are always happy to custom-tailor a sponsorship package to your marketing goals and budget. 

Sponsor Activations include but are not limited to: 
Product launch and integration with participating mixologists and venues Integrated marketing campaigns including social media features.Festival-wide and event-specific category exclusivity Event naming rights and associated branding On-site giveaways and branded products. 

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